Technology that works for teachers

 Myton School

Wednesday 2 May 2018

  • What was the best thing about this session?        


  • Enjoyed the carousel set-up – good to see such a range of technology software.
  • Short quick demos.
  • Learning about different engaging activities.
  • Technology used by teachers giving practical examples.
  • Mint.  
  • What could have been improved upon and how could it have been improved?


  • Costs for certain items to assess viability.
  • Subject specific packages.


  • Look forward about three months in time. What do you intend to be doing differently then as a result of this event? 
  • Kahoot quizes and google docs for homework.
  • Using the visualiser.
  • Use my projector more.
  • Using Vittle.
  • Communication in print.
  • Use of Iris to record lessons.