Teaching and Planning for High Challenge

Lutterworth High School

Thursday 10 May 2018


What was the best thing about this session?


  • Positivity and enthusiasm from presenters. Passion to find ways to promote progress in learning.
  • Active ideas for lessons.
  • Blooms Taxonomy.
  • Range of short sessions.
  • Useful strategies to take away – particularly for improving ‘flow’ in lessons.


 What could have been improved upon and how could it have been improved?

  • Copy of powerpoint/larger size on paper for dissemination to colleagues.
  • Middle Management overview of effects.
  • No hands-on activities.
  • More of a research/evidence base being referred to.
  • Strategies to engaged high achievers who are switched off.
  • More tasks to try out rather than just the Powerpoint sections.


 Look forward about three months in time. What do you intend to be doing differently then as a result of this event?


  • Encouraging students to use their skills and knowledge from English and Maths across other subjects.
  • Using the learning pit.
  • More open tasks (with structure if needed) to allow all pupils to excel.
  • Think about introducing student coaching.
  • Investigate reading programme.
  • Improved start to lesson.
  • Planning starter activities for ‘flow’.
  • Use of ‘wait’ time.
  • Use coaching ideas.